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    Encompassing the fields of electrical installation, maintenance, repairs, and fabrication; de switch tech will be indispensable; the valued partner and expert solutions provider to all our esteemed clients. This is and will remain the driving principle of progress and the groundwork of success De Switch Tech will continue to be synonymous with quality services and products. Our clients’ experience of our reliable and industry leading work exceeds their expectations.

    Emergency Repairs

    Rewiring and Check-up

    • Emergency power solutions (generators)
    • Wiring and installation/upgrades
    • Full-service electrical layout, design
    Our Services

    We are a Full Service Electrical

    • Domestic Services
    • Industrial Service
    • Commercial Service

    Domestic Services

    Electrical Design-Industrial and . Domestic Both industrial and domestic electrical designs require a deep understanding of electrical principles, local electrical codes and regulations, and consideration of safety and energy efficiency. Electrical designers often work closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to integrate electrical systems seamlessly into overall building designs and ensure they meet the specific needs of the intended application

    Industrial Service

    Electrical Audit and maintenance. Electrical audit and maintenance are essential processes for ensuring the safety, reliability, and efficiency of electrical systems in various settings, such as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Let's explore each of these processes:

    Best of Electrical Engineering Services

    Domestic Services

    .Supply and commissioning of transformers and overhead materials are crucial for electrical infrastructure projects. It involves procuring and installing the required equipment and ensuring proper functionality. Qualified professionals carry out these processes for reliable power transmission and distribution.

    • Air Conditioning
    • Electric Heating Systems
    • Telephone & Computer Wiring
    • Lighting
    • Power Outlets
    • Appliances Overheat
    • Frequent Power Surges
    • Rising Power Bills
    • Flickering Lights
    • Pool & Hot Tub Wiring
    • Whole House Surge Protector
    • New Construction
    Why Choose Us


    At De Switch Tech electrical innovations Ltd, our key strength revolves around what we call “The 7 Solution Point”. The 7 solution point is a customized solution system designed specifically to meet our clients’ needs and at the same time depict our core strength.

    Cost effective
    Pool of expertise
    Focus on core areas
    Lightning speed response time
    Timely Service delivery
    24/7 Availability
    Quality Professional service
    Access to innovation



    Frequently Asked Question

    All of our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee Our electricians.

    • How do you handle emergency electrical issues?

      We prioritize safety and customer satisfaction above all. Our professional and skilled electricians are always available to respond to electrical emergencies promptly, day or night.

    • Can’t I just call a handyman to fix minor electrical problems?

      handymen don’t have specialty training in electrical work. Although most have basic electrical skills, that may not be enough to ensure safety and accuracy, which may increase the risk of electrocution or an electrical fire. It is best to get a professional and skilled electrician to ensure the job will be done right the first time.

    • What are some signs that I need electrical repair work?

      you can contact us for an emergency call. Some reasons to contact us include: Poor lighting quality High energy costs Power surges regular tripping of circuit breakers..

    • Do I need to be present when your team is working?

      We know that you are busy. So once we assess the problem together, you will not need to be present as we do our work.

    • Are You Licensed and Insured?

      We respect the Govt. Laws, rules, policies and all the official documentations and procedures are well covered.


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    All of our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee Our electricians can install anything.

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