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Our Services

At De Switch Tech ,we render a lot of services to our customers, and they can be rest assured that they’re getting the best available

Electrical Design-Industrial and . Domestic

Both industrial and domestic electrical designs require a deep understanding of electrical principles, local electrical codes and regulations, and consideration of safety and energy efficiency. Electrical designers often work closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to integrate electrical systems seamlessly into overall building designs and ensure they meet the specific needs of the intended application.

Electrical Audit and maintenance.

Electrical audit and maintenance are essential processes for ensuring the safety, reliability, and efficiency of electrical systems in various settings, such as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It's important to note that electrical audit and maintenance should be performed by qualified professionals with expertise in electrical systems and compliance with relevant regulations. Regular audits and maintenance help ensure the safety of occupants, minimize downtime, optimize energy usage, and extend the lifespan of electrical equipment.

Supply and Commissioning of Transformer and Overhead material.

he supply and commissioning of transformers and overhead materials are essential in electrical infrastructure projects. The supply involves procuring transformers and various components required for overhead power transmission and distribution lines. Commissioning includes inspecting, installing, testing, and ensuring the proper functioning of the supplied equipment. Qualified professionals should carry out these processes to ensure reliable and efficient power transmission and distribution.

General Electrical work-Domestic and Industrial

General electrical work includes a range of services provided in domestic and industrial settings. In the domestic context, it involves installation, maintenance, wiring, circuit breaker installation, lighting solutions, and safety measures. In the industrial context, it includes power distribution, equipment installation and maintenance, troubleshooting, industrial automation, and compliance with safety regulations. Skilled electricians are essential for ensuring the proper functioning and safety of electrical systems in both settings.

Procurement and supply of Electrical fittings.

The procurement and supply of electrical fittings involve the process of sourcing and delivering components for electrical installations. It includes evaluating suppliers, requesting quotes, negotiating terms, and placing orders. The supply phase focuses on logistics, quality assurance, inventory management, and documentation. Attention to safety, reliability, compatibility, and compliance ensures successful electrical installations.

Panel building and Installation.

Panel building and installation involve the construction and mounting of electrical panels for efficient control and distribution of power. Panel building includes design, wiring, testing, and documentation, while installation includes site preparation, mounting, electrical connections, testing, and commissioning. Qualified professionals ensure the reliability and safety of the electrical infrastructure.

Transformer testing and Overhead electrical work.

Transformer testing ensures the reliability and safety of transformers through various assessments and evaluations. Overhead electrical work involves the installation, maintenance, and repair of power transmission and distribution systems located above ground. Both processes are crucial for efficient and reliable electrical infrastructure.

Supply and installation of all kind LED light fittings.

When procuring LED light fittings, it's important to consider factors such as the desired light output, color temperature, beam angle, and compatibility with existing electrical systems. Professional installation ensures proper wiring, positioning, and adherence to safety standards. Overall, the supply and installation of LED light fittings provide an energy-efficient, versatile, and environmentally friendly lighting solution for various applications, ranging from residential to commercial and industrial settings.




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